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Tandem Paragliding Montafon

Enjoy the panorama of our tandem pilots.

No matter whether in the warm summer breeze or through snow-covered winter mountains, paragliding is an experience all year round.
Paragliding in the Montafon: a special experience
Paragliding in the Montafon Valley with Tandem Kurt (own tandem flight company)
You're dreaming since child days, once free to fly like a bird in the air? Bei Tandem Kurt can you meet friends that childhood dream, finally! Our renowned paragliding offer tandem paragliding in the Montafon - Vorarlberg since 1998. Even if you have collected so far have absolutely no experience with paragliding, you don't have to shy away from you. You're always in good hands with our pilots: we make sure that you're enjoying your paragliding tandem flight to the fullest and for you, paragliding in the Montafon Valley is an unforgettable experience!
Experience the fabulous mountain scenery of Vorarlberg and of the Montafon Valley from a bird's-eye view. Tandem paragliding in the Silvretta Montafon, can you breathe in the fresh mountain air in airy heights and friends get the ultimate adrenaline rush. If you want, we fly with you through the breathtaking Montafon and thereby overcome height differences of up to 1,600 meters
Tandem Kurt our own tandem flight company



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